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Gus, November 2021, Plettenberg Bay 
"Tim and his team are fantastic. We just moved to Plett and decided after a week of load shedding that we could take it no more. After some digging around all arrows pointed Towards Mesmeric Solar. We met 4 &1/2 weeks ago and Monday a week ago the installation was complete. Since I wanted to have the option to go completely off-grid this was no small project Near 30 KW solar generating power and ability to draw over 10KW at any instant with a battery set up to match 36h off grid without solar input it's over 1 metric tonne of hardware to be installed. The result since a week ago are power meter is spinning backwards! I'm not sure Eskom will pay anything for the reverse KWhs but even without any payment and still paying connection fees the installation will pay for itself in less than 60 months - and with the benefit of no more load shedding. Makes You wonder why not more people have already done it? Thanks again Tim et Cie for an excellent project."

Construction & Project Management  Plettenberg Bay

With 30+ years in the construction / project management industry, and a degree in building, Tim and his team of professionals are qualified to manage your building projects from inception to completion.

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