Solar Energy Company in Plettenberg Bay

Invest in a reliable source of power.

Sean, June 2021, Plettenberg Bay

"I found Tim to be extremely reliable and professional installing our inverter system and he really went beyond the call of duty. I would have no hesitation recommending Mesmeric Solar for your alternate energy requirements."

We work with you to provide cost effective, clean energy solutions for your home or business. 

Solar Panels / Inverters / Batteries / Pool Heating

State owned energy supply will only become more expensive. By choosing solar, you can recuperate your initial cost by saving on electricity and once your installation cost is recovered, your installation becomes an investment producing monthly returns.  

Distributors of Luxpower and Dyness products in the Western Cape.


Here's How.
  • TECHNOLOGY:   We have partnered with experts in the field of renewable energy. We have selected to work with brands where technology is easily updated, without compromising the lifespan of the product. Software upgrades can improve performance without replacing hardware.
  • INNOVATION:   The rate at which technology advances, means that the market is always expectant of innovation. We are constantly processing information from developing technology as well as from our clients. We constantly aim to go above and beyond to provide customized, innovative solar solutions. 
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Our clients can choose from a selection of modular components and have the flexibility to expand capacity as the need and budget allows. We have a selection of top quality equipment designed with a long term goal in mind, to convert your home or business into an energy efficient location.

Monitor your energy production and consumption, 24/7
in real time via the LuxPowerView APP.


Here's How.

  • INTEGRITY:   Our ethos are customer-focused. We value honourable and honest business practices.
  • COMMITTMENT:  Our aim is to offer our clients the power to manage their own solar energy production. We consult with professionals in the industry to bring you insight, advice and equipment necessary for your solar solution.
  • VALUE:  We provide world class products along with innovative solar solutions to suit your budget.  We will monitor your energy production and consumption at no additional cost via the Luxpower App.
  • SAFETY: We have sourced products from manufacturers with top quality production standards. All components are tested by independent authorities and meet with local requirements.
  • SERVICE: We work with you to optimise your existing electrical installation before choosing a solar power generating system.  
  • KEEP IT LOCAL: Based in beautiful Plettenberg Bay, we work with local, qualified personnel on all our installations.  We operate along the Garden Route. 
Customer Google Reviews

Darryl, June 2021, Plettenberg Bay.

Many thanks Mesmeric Projects for a great job having completed the first phase (installation of Inverter and Lithium-ion batteries) in helping us cope extremely well with the power outages. The equipment used is of a very high quality and provides  unnoticeable transition from grid to battery and back. We look forward to implementing the next stage (solar) in the not too distant future.

Gen, January 2021, Plettenberg Bay.

Tim is the best. So excited to have solar installed.... Sooo professional and a pleasure to deal with. Big thank you Tim.

Family Krumhoff, April 2021, Cape Town. 

Incredible dedicated service and amazing products - such a win and so happy that we decided to have our system installed by Tim and his team.